Cutting back and dealing with redundancy

Reducing staff efficiently and fairly

Thinking of redundancies, cutting back and reducing staff levels due to the impact of the so-called credit crunch?
And… avoiding constructive dismissal claims

Many companies have already either started laying staff off or are seriously considering it. How do you do this effectively, fairly and above all efficiently from the organisation’s point of view? Do you choose last in, first out (unfair) or try and pick your worst performers, the one’s that make the least contribution to the business.

In principle this is fair but how do you choose and on what basis do you choose them and how objective will that be? Do you interview everyone which is fair but that could be hugely time consuming. However you are likely to assess/review all those who may be affected.

To do this objectively, all factors under examination should be able to be measured and in a way that is reliable and more importantly comparable. So what might you look at. You could look at performance but how would this be measured by whom? Sales is relatively easy but no less simple because it’s not just sales value, it’s lead time to get a sale, pipeline, conversion rates, gross margin etc. What about an admin clerk how would you measure that? The number of bits of paper processed per day? What else:
Interest in the job
Job fit
Team player
Age (hmm…. forget this one)
Intelligence (emotional or otherwise)
Level of enthusiasm
Energy and motivation

The list goes on … so which are the most important factors?
It’s job fit

This can be measured in an objective way - using a psychometric assessment that looks at the whole person, which measures several factors that make up the overall fit for a job. And if the same parameters are used to define the job, then you have a direct comparison ie. whether a person is a good fit for the job or not - as the case maybe. This assessment is called the Profile XT.
Job fit has been shown to be more important than qualifications, experience, age, sex and race*.

If there are several people in a role, the use of the Profile XT (PXT)will provide the right basis for making a decision as to who should be made redundant. The next decision usually involves whether an individual being considered for redundancy may be suitable for another role within the organisation. If all the other jobs within the organisation have been defined for job fit then this is another problem solved. This will stand up as objective criteria in any constructive dismissal claims.

Research** has shown that there are several factors that are important in making a decision as to the suitability of an individual for a job. These are shown below:

To make the most of matching an individual to a job, job fit must include the above factors ie. personaliy testing, abilities testing and interest testing.

The Profile XT does all this. It is a comprehensive assessment that covers the following:
• Verbal ability and reasoning (abilities testing)
• Numeric ability and reasoning (abilities testing)
• Personality or character traits (9 traits are measured)
• Work interests
• Job fit

It also includes a distortion index which measures the propensity of an individual to tell the truth. Now all this sounds expensive but the development of job descriptions are all free. The assessment is the only thing that is chargeable. To find out more click here or go to or if you would like to discuss this, arrange a free trial or look at a sample report then call +44 (0)1491 636300 or mail

*Greenberg M., Greenberg J. Job Matching for Better Sales Performance. Harvard Business Review, Sep. 1980.
**Smith M. Psychological Bulletin, vol. 96. 1994.