about us

Anova Communications Group is a highly successful psychometric testing, performance mentoring, leadership coaching and executive search consultancy. anovacoms.com is the website for the Anova Communications Group based in the UK with associate companies in the USA and Germany.

Our range of psychometric assessments are dedicated to ensuring our clients not only find the best people but keep them. They vary from 360º feedback appraisal through specialist testing covering sales, customer service, individual performance to our flagship product the Profile XT which uses our unique 'total person concept' and job matching (job fit) techniques. The 'total person concept' combines verbal and numerical reasoning, behavioural traits and an individual's occupational or work interests into one powerful psychometric assessment which is available online. Most companies have hiring/promotion systems that select wonderful people but then put them into positions they don't quite fit which can be very costly to both the company and the individual concerned. We help our clients avoid these problems using our comprehensive range of assessment services which can be accessed online and use the total person concept allowing an accurate fit between candidate and position.

Leadership and performance mentoring use mental skills (performance psychology) to guide corporate executives and professional sports men and women to improve what they do and overcome the issues that prevent this (anxiety, lack of focus, fear of failure, lack of direction, motivation, confidence etc.).

On the recruitment side, we are headhunters, and specialise in executive search aiming to meet and exceed our clients needs. We find the best people for the job (not the most available) within appropriate timescales; not only satisfying the client but providing the candidate with the career opportunity he/she has been looking for. We are different because of our specialisation and our abilities to find the right people.

Our consultants are highly experienced with many years experience at a senior level and are highly qualified, several of whom have MBA's from prestigious business schools.