The Profile XT
for recruitment and performance

The Profile XT psychometric assessment using its unique 'total person concept' (verbal and numeric reasoning, behavioural traits and work interests) combined with job fit (job matching) can significantly improve the chances of a company recruiting, selecting, developing and retaining the right people.

We are offering a free trial to any organisation that would like to find out what this assessment can do which will be specifically defined for a role of their choosing - at any level. Click here to discuss a free trial.
The Profile XT is available online, providing immediate results.

the 'total person concept'
job fit - making the profile XT specific to your organisation
implementing the Profile XT and job matching
The Profile XT reports
how the profile XT ensures maximum retention
The Profile XT in succession and career planning
how The Profile XT ensures better hiring decisions
The Profile XT supports the whole people cycle
The Profile XT Sales
The Profile XT is available in 32 languages


the 'total person concept'
The 'total person concept' is a comprehensive measure of what makes up an individual. It's therefore a measure of ability, personality and interests, in other words what you need to know to make a better decision regarding hiring, promotion or development. Now add to this an accurate comparison against the same factors required for the role or promotion position you are trying to fill and you have a very powerful solution.

The Profile XT (PXT) measures the following:
- Verbal ability and reasoning
- Numeric ability and reasoning
- Personality – 9 character traits
- Work interests
- Job fit matched to the role in question
- And for recruitment, importantly this is
a normative test

We also have a library which contains hundreds of profiles if existing high performers can’t be used initially as a basis for the job match or job fit process.

For more information read on, or for a sample report mail us at, contact us or click on the need help? box on the right of the screen.


job fit - making the Profile XT specific to your organisation
Making the Profile XT specific to your company or organisation is part of our service and adds no cost to the assessment ie. it is free. This is the job matching process which defines specifically the type of person that will fit the the designated role measured by the verbal ability and reasoning, numerical ability and reasoning, behavioural traits and work interests that the role requries. This makes it very effective in ensuring an appropriate fit for the job.

What is more interesting, is that whenever the job definition changes it can be updated at any time, again this is free. Costs are therefore kept under control at all times. The only part of this process you pay for is the actual assessment. Once completed (a one-off cost) it can be run against new job definitions at any time for free. This makes the Profile XT great value for money.

If you have job profiles for the whole organisation, it means that you can find the most suitable person for each job. This can be important if reorganisation, downsizing, expanding/changing direction, or changes in culture (acquisition, maturity etc.) occur.


what does significantly improve mean?
It means that using this process will improve the chances of a successful hire from 26% using interview and background references alone to 75%+ see the graph at the top of this page. This is an improvement no company can ignore. Call us and we will show you how you can use this cost effective solution as part of your selection process. Call +44 (0)1491 636300 or e-mail or click on the need help? box on the right of your screen or contact us.


implementing The Profile XT and job matching
The Profile XT will provide support for all phases of the people cycle – from analysis of job requirements through matching people to jobs when hiring; planning retention on a person-by person basis; determining coaching and training requirements, career planning, and succession planning.

At the heart of The Profile XT is the concept of “benchmarking” jobs to determine what characteristics are necessary for success in each position. This is done by analysing existing top performers in each position, and combining the results of this analysis with input from the company’s managers on what they know is essential for success in each position. This whole benchmark development process is handled by The Profile XT system which is carried out on-line, and it is these benchmarks - that provide the basis for support of all future hiring, coaching, training, career planning, and succession planning decisions.
Similarly, all report processing and scoring is completely automated by the system – eliminating the manual heartache traditionally associated with processing occupational assessments.



The Profile XT reports
There are 8 reports. Clients receive all reports unless specified otherwise. To see a sample report please call +44 (0)1491 636300 or click on need help? in the right hand column.

The Placement Report
This is a detailed report comparing the candidate against the job profile (pattern) for thinking style, verbal ability and reasoning, numeric ability and reasoning, all nine behavioural traits and work interests. It is used when trying to identify how well a person will fit into a given position. Typically this is used for a candidate being considered for a new role or an existing employee being considered for promotion. Where they are outside the job pattern, interview questions are suggested.

The Coaching Report
This is similar to the Placement Report in that it matches an individual's actual results to the job profile (pattern) in question. It is generally used for existing staff with development in mind. However, instead of interview questions, suggestions are made regarding coaching, development and better ways of managing the employee.

The Individual Report
The Individual Report is generally shared with the individual who took the assessment. This report indicates the score on each scale and also provides a description of what the scores suggest. There is no reference to any specific job pattern.

The Multi-Job Match Report
This report allows the matching of one individual to several job match patterns. This facilitates an understanding of where the best job fit might be expected both now and in the future.

The Multi-Candidate Job Match Report
This shows the results of comparing several candidates to an established job pattern. A percantage score indicates each candidate's match with the established pattern.

The Job Profile Summary Report
This is used to have a quick look on how well an individual fits into a particular job profile (pattern). It reports the individual scores against that job pattern and gives a brief statement for each. There are no interview questions or coaching suggestions provided with this report.

The Job Summary Graph Report
THis is a single page summary with the graphs from the Placement Report. The individual's scores are shown against the selected job pattern.

The Job Analysis Report
This can be produced for any job pattern and includes a job pattern graph and an optional job pattern description describing the individual who would be effective in that position.


how The Profile XT helps ensure maximum retention
Independent research by Greenberg and Greenberg, published in the Harvard Business Review shows that an essential ingredient of employee retention is the extent to which they are genuinely interersted in their jobs. You can find an individual who is a good match but if they are not interested in what they are doing, they are not likely to stay in the longer term. So measuring this is an important part of job fit, the way each employee fits his or her job in terms of their mental approach, occupational interests and behavioural traits or as we describe it “the whole person”. It is this critical aspect that will guarantee job retention.

People in positions for which they have the necessary core abilities; in which they are interested; and which suit their personalities and the way they like to work, tend to be more productive and to stay up to five times longer than people who don’t fit their jobs to this extent.

The Profile’s Retention Coaching report provides a detailed assessment of the fit of each employee to his or her current job, and provides practical detailed advice on how to improve that fit - helping managers to take the practical steps needed to effectively retain each employee and to help them improve their effectiveness and productivity. The advice offered by the report extends to all aspects of the job fit – from training & development needs through to any particular coaching or management support that the employee may need to meet the demands of his or her position.

Once implemented, the management will have a database of comprehensive profiles of all (selected) employees, and a database of job benchmarks detailing the requirements for success in each job. This means that the company will have the wherewithal to ensure that each employee is comfortable, effective, and retainable in their current positions – and well prepared for any position that they may be moved to in the future.


The Profile XT in succession and career planning
When succession/career planning you will be looking for objective input into decisions as to who should succeed who in key positions. The Multi Job Match report in The Profile XT allows you to simultaneously compare any candidate with any, some or all of the job benchmarks on your system; or to compare any position’s benchmark with any, some or all of candidates on your system. The resultant report ranks the results by percentage match to the positions.

For example, when looking at who could potentially fill a soon-to-be-vacant position you could compare the results of all potentially suitable candidates on your team with the benchmark for that position. Similarly, when working with existing team members to develop career development plans, their results could be compared with the benchmarks for all the company’s positions in which they express an interest – providing the basis for an informed discussion of where their best fit and ultimately success potentially lies.

Combined the results of the above with the Retention Coaching Report allows you to objectively identify potential successors to any post quickly and easily, and to plan the necessary coaching and training they’ll need to be successful – well in advance. This report will also strongly support the sort of career planning that is an essential part of any staff retention programme.


how The Profile XT ensures better hiring decisions
The benchmarking exercise will capture not only the ability, interest and personality characteristics of those successful in key positions, but also capture a profile of the sort of people who fit the company’s culture.
The benchmarks will allow you to job match quickly and easily in a hiring situation. Prospective candidates’ results are compared by the system with the benchmark of the target position.

The resultant report provides a large amount of information on:

Because the benchmarks capture so much information about what has been proven to work in the company’s positions, these benchmarks also allow for more effective screening of candidates by interviewers who may not have a long pedigree with the company – freeing more senior people for later stage interviewing.


The Profile XT supports the whole people cycle
In a recent Harvard Business Review article outlining their many years of research into the best way to hire, develop and retain key people successfully, Timothy Butler and James Waldroop concluded:

“In these days of talent wars the best way to keep your stars is to know them better than they know themselves – and then use that information to customise the career of their dreams”

They too support the conclusions of the other HBR report cited in this document that people are most productive, motivated and retainable in positions where their abilities, interests and personality characteristics are matched to their jobs. The Profile XT provides precisely the information on your people that you’ll require to undertake this sort of job matching successfully.
In brief, The Profile XT will provide a structure for all of the company’s future people management, development, planning and retention activities through the provision of solid, objective information to support decisions at every point in the people cycle.


The Profile XT Sales
The Profile XT Sales™ provides your sales management team with all the benefits of the Profile XT but with reports specifically designed for sales roles. The Sales Placement Report provides sales based behavioural interview questions and the Sales Management Report provides your sales management team with sales based coaching tips and training considerations. It provides a more comprehensive series of reports than the Sales Indicator. However the Sales Indicator takes less time to complete. We can advise on the most appropriate assessment to carry out.


The Profile XT is available in 32 languages
For multi-nationals where it is important to assess an individual's verbal ability and reasoning, it is important to do it in their own language. The Profile XT is available in 32 languages including two different versions of English (UK, USA), two different versions of French (European French, French Canadian), two different versions of Portuguese (European Portuguese, Brazilian) and two different versions of Spanish (Castillian, Latin American). New languages are being added all the time; please call us if the language you require is not mentioned here - tel. +44 (0)1491 636300 or e-mail

The Profile XT is available in:
Bosnian (Serbo-Croatian)
Chinese (Mandarin)
English (UK, US)
French (European French, French Canadian)
Portuguese (European Portuguese, Brazilian)
Spanish (Castillian, Latin American)