Profiles Performance Indicator

The Profiles Performance Indicator (PPI) is designed to provide an individual and/or their manager with information about that individual's significant behavioural tendencies and preferred style for performing their job. It can also be used to evaluate the differences between employees and recommends how to use this knowledge to increase employee productivity.

The Profiles Performance Indicator takes only 15 - 20 minutes to complete. It is available online with results available instantly.

The Profiles Performance Indicator measures behavioural tendencies in these five critical job related competencies:

what the PPI does

why use the PPI
the PPI reports

the PPI is available in 25 languages




what the PPI does
The PPI provides valuable information about the individual in question not only from the point of view of direct feedback regarding the way he or she sees him or herself but the way in which he or she should be managed to get the best out of them.

The Profiles Performance Indicator also provides recommendations for improving employee performance such as how to respond to job-related stress, frustration and conflict, how to stimulate employee motivation, and whether the employee is internally motivated or will need external stimulation.

The Performance Indicator is an ipsative test (ie. it is not compared to norms in the working population and therefore we recommend that it should not be used for recruitment purposes. For more information on 'normative' versus 'ipsative' assessments, click here.


why use the Profiles Performance Indicator
The most successful individuals are those who are generall the best informed about their own strengths and weaknesses. While such knowledge is a cornerstone for growth and development, it also represents powerful information for managers who are interested in maximising the productivity of their staff. However to help promote growth and performance improvement, direct, practical and easy to understand suggestions must also be provided. This is why the PPI was developed.


the PPI reports for the employee and supervisor/manager
The Profiles Performance Indicator produces reports for the employee (the individual report) and the employee’s manager (the management report) as well as a graphic summary.

The Individual Report
This provides a guide to self-improvement whereby the individual can learn more about themselves, both their strengths and weaknessess. This report will help them identify and make full use of their strengths as well as develop an awareness of any areas that could be limiting their effectiveness. This knowledge is vital to help them develop the plans necessary to meet the demands and challlenge of achieving success.

The Management Report
This provides a guide to better management, coaching, and motivation. It should clarify the managers impressions and alert them to new considerations about their subordinate's compatibility with the demands of their position. It will also contain valuable information with respect to developing training programmes.

The Graphic Summary
This is a graph which indicates the 5 scales over which the individual is measured.
Scale I indicates an ability to work a given level of supervision and a desire to make decisions and control the work environment.
Scale II describes their level of influence, to be optimistic, enthusiastic and see the bigger picture.
Scale III is a measure of how reliable and steady they are, how they behave in a team
Scale IV indicates a level of analytical ability, good with details and a developed idea of what is right and wrong.
Scale V provides a picture of their level of internal motivation to make decisions and take action or if the scale is low a need for external motivation.

Most DISC type assessments such as Thomas only measure across 4 scales and do not include Scale V.


The Profiles Performance Indicator (PPI) is available in 25 languages
For multi-nationals it can be important to assess an individual using his or her native language. The PPI is available in 25 languages including two different versions of English (UK, USA), two different versions of French (European French, French Canadian), two different versions of Portuguese (European Portuguese, Brazilian) and two different versions of Spanish (Castillian, Latin American). New languages are being added all the time; please call us if the language you require is not mentioned here - tel. +44 (0)1491 636300 or e-mail

The Profiles Performance Indicator is available in:
Bosnian (Serbo-Croatian)
Chinese (Mandarin)
English (UK, US)
French (European French, French Canadian)
Portuguese (European Portuguese, Brazilian)
Spanish (Castillian, Latin American)