To back up the confidence we have in what we do based on the knowledge of our market place, we will provide guarantees that we can deliver a highly effective and efficient service.

If we have an agreed a job description, we will give you a time within which we will present* to you a shortlist* of qualified candidates. If we do not make that deadline* we will discount the fee by 10% for every week* we are late up to a maximum of 50% of the agreed fee subject to our normal terms and conditions.

The guarantee will not apply if our normal terms and conditions are renegotiated by the client eg. for a lesser fee, extended rebate terms, extended payment terms, non-exclusive basis etc.
The guarantee must be agreed at the outset and in writing ie. when our terms and conditions have been accepted. The guarantee cannot be imposed retrospectively.

*The presentation of a shortlist can be presented in any form – e-mail, post, fax, verbally, telephone or video.
The definition of a shortlist is a minimum of two unless due to the difficulty of the assignment or the provision of a specific headhunt target that this figure is reduced to one.
The estimate of time for the presentation of the shortlist will be made on a reasonable and best endeavours basis based on full disclosure. It does not form part of any contract between Anova Communications Group and the client.
The assignment is accepted by Anova on an exclusive basis only.
A week is seven full (complete) days.