employer of choice

You need to be an employer of choice to attract the best.

Its one thing to find the best people, it’s another to get them excited about joining your company. Are you doing anything about this – do you know how you are perceived in the market place – or more importantly do you want to do anything about this ?

Of course this is many things, but should include:

Recruitment is a partnership and should be seen in the long term, not just what you can squeeze out of a recruiter to get some CV’s.

To get the best you should always be talking to good people so that they can be prepared to join the best company when a position becomes available. We can do this. If you are using our assessments then you will know exactly what you are looking for and through derived questions from this process, how to find them.

Exclusivity has its benefits.


other benefits
We can assist with staff retention.

If communication within your company is good and a member of your staff is not happy will he/she talk to you ?

If they don’t talk to you, then they will probably talk to us because they will want another job. We can alert you to this if you use us exclusively. Our code of ethics (assuming you use us on an on-going basis) prevents us from directly recruiting from a client within 12 months of a placement.

If you do not use us, the chances are that you will spend a lot of time looking at CV’s, many of which will be irrelevant and then having to arrange interviews. This will involve pre-screening because it is unlikely that you will be able to tell if they can perform from a CV. Then you need to verify this information. Throughout this process you are not doing your job.

Yes, this comes at a cost but what you need to ask yourselves is; will you get value for money. This is a marginal cost argument. Given the relatively small price premium you will be paying (probably of the order of $5k does it justify the time spent on sourcing and interviewing and then taking the risk of average performance eg. lets take a sales account executive, where the difference between average on-target revenue of say $0.75m pa and above average performance of say $1.5m+ pa would be $0.75m. This leaves you $70000 better off. And, if you use our assessment services, this will make this result more of a certainty. Contact us