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From the communications industry: AT&T, Vodafone, Ericsson, AOL Time Warner
Outside the communications industry: DaimlerChrysler, Pepsi, Burger King,

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The Profile XT
"In a small company it is absolutely essential that the incoming people have the character and temperament to fit in. Public Relations is pressurized enough without having to sort out internal staff and personality clashes caused by hiring people with the wrong fit. As a small company, I would now never consider hiring anyone without first running them through the Profile."
Ronnie Simpson, Managing Director

CheckPoint 360° Feedback System
"The Checkpoint 360 is the best product in this category that I've used. As you know, this tool replaced another product that we had been using exclusively for almost two years. The managers and executives at Spectrum Healthcare Services (SHS) receive more valuable information in an easy to read, colour-coded format, which encompasses everyone's individual learning style. Not only is there validated feedback, but a comprehensive action plan that each person may use to implement change, based on the facts from their customized report."
Patricia L. Keeley, Director, Training and Development Spectrum

Profiles Team Analysis
"Profiles Team Analysis pinpointed exactly the same challenges as were demonstrated during the teams existence. Had we known before, what we learned after the fact, these team’s ability to perform effectively could have been greatly enhanced. As it was, they threatened themselves from within. With a few minor changes, significantly greater performance could have been realized."
G. Benson Lange, Director of Engineering, Griffin International

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