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what it does
The Profiles Team Analysis helps team leaders get the most from every member of the team and effectively guide the way to the achievement of team goals. It does this by evaluating team balance and the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

It is an invaluable guide to getting the most from your team whether you are considering a project team, line management team or sports support team eg. coach, physiologist, sport psychologist, strength and conditioning specialist, biomechanist, nutritionist. The Profiles Team Analysis tool can be used for any team but for senior teams, senior management and members of the Board, the Checkpoint 360º feedback analysis system is recommended.

team factors: assessing each member's characteristics
The Profiles Team Analysis also describes each team member’s characteristics in these twelve key team factors:

  1. control
  2. composure
  3. social
  4. analytical ability
  5. patience
  6. results orientation
  7. precision
  8. emotions
  9. ambition
  10. team player
  11. positive expectancy
  12. quality orientation


leader's guide
The Profiles Team Analysis develops a report that serves the team leader as a guide for assuring the accomplishment of the team’s objectives. It spotlights the strengths each member brings to the team and how to capitalize on those strengths. The report also suggests actions the leader can take to improve the performance of all team members while increasing their effectiveness as a leader.

Each team member can complete his or her online assessment in 15 minutes. The online assessment involves answering the same questions as used in the Performance Indicator. However the data is analysed differently. Results are available immediately.

Everyone who is responsible for providing leadership to others will appreciate the valuable information and recommendations provided by the Profiles Team Analysis.


The Profiles Team Analysis (PTA) is available in 17 languages
For multi-nationals, sport teams and sports support teams where individuals can be of several nationalities, it can be important to assess team members using their own native language. The PTA is available in 17 languages including two different versions of English (UK, USA), and two different versions of Spanish (Castillian, Latin American). New languages are being added all the time; please call us if the language you require is not mentioned here - tel. +44 (0)1491 636300 or e-mail

The Profiles Team Analysis is available in:
Chinese (Mandarin)
English (UK, US)
Spanish (Castillian, Latin American)